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So, what is Cookies and Convo?

Cookies and Convo consists of 13 one-hour lessons utilizing the Love Notes SRA Curriculum. Love Notes is an innovative and strengths-based approach that teaches youth about forming and maintaining healthy relationships. 

Love Notes consists of topics such as decision-making, communication, and sexual and overall safety. Love Notes is delivered through facilitation, PowerPoints, group discussions, exercises, workbooks, videos, music videos, brainstorming, worksheets, role-play activities, drawing, and sculpting.

And guess what? Teens who complete sessions also receive incentives!!!!

* Cookies and Convo is funded by FYSB..


Our values guide everything we do. We believe in kindness, respect, responsibility, hard work, and having fun. By modeling these values in our interactions with teens, we hope to inspire them to do the same in their own lives.

Happy Family
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